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A mineral sauvignon blanc from Marlborough.




What is it?


Folium / Sauvignon blanc Reserve / 2013

Type of culture?


Organic, dry farming.



Marlborough, Wairau Valley



Takaki Okada is Japonese and has been living in Marlborough for over ten years. After he worked for Clos Henri, he decided to create his own label in 2011. First thing he decides to do on his vineyard is to stop the irrigation system to allow the roots to go deeper in the soils (the vines has to get water from somewhere!) and get all the elements that give depth and richness to the wines. He makes his wines at Fromm winery for now, another organic vineyard worth discovering in Marlborough!

Fun Fact


Takaki managed to explain us why vines are planted in the plain. The curious froggies we are were really puzzled not to see vines planted on the hills like at home…


•Sun: In France we want to maximize the sun exposure by planting on the hills. But There’s enough sun in Marlborough!!

•Wind: The wind is stronger on the hills and help French viticulturists to get rid of diseases caused by wet conditions. But there’s enough wind in Marlbourough!!

•Water: The rain run down the hills in France where we usually have too much rain for the vines to produce good berries. But in the dry Marlborough, it’s better for the plants to be planted in the plain so they can get as much rain as possible going to their roots!!


Simple, isn’t it?

Tasting notes


A different Marlborough sauvignon blanc! Europe doesn’t import this kind of Marlborough wine yet… Forget about the usual powerful exotic fruit aromas and lime to discover a subtil and mineral sauvignon. A wonderful balance is found between citrus aromas, crisp acidity and bitter finish. We can’t help thinking about the training Takaki had working along French people from Sancerre at Clos Henri for so many years…

Food Match


Salmon sushi / Wasabi… as simple as that!!

Try to match with super fresh and citrusy ingredients!

Doesn’t match


Try to avoid fatness, or any strong taste ingredient…

What's the price?


31 NZ$ // 19€

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In Europe… only via the english importer:

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